Phi Mu

University of South Alabama

– Kappa Omega –

Commitee Heads

Meagan Brenner

Academic Excellence Chair

Heyyy!!! I’m Meagan I am the Academic Excellence Chair. My job is to make sure the members meet Phi Mu’s required GPA. To help members keep up their grades up, we require study hours for members with a specific GPA. I am also there to help motivate the girls to do as best as possible in their classes. Last semester, I started a new incentive program for girls to turn in the A’s on tests or quizzes and I hope to keep that program going. My committee and I do an academic dinner for anyone who makes a GPA of 3.5 or higher. I cannot wait to see what next year brings!!

Tyler Stephens

Intramural Chair

Hey y’all !!! My name is Tyler Stephens and I am our Intramural Chair! My job is to make teams for each intramural game and try to get as many participants as we can for each sport. This past year we received first place for sand volleyball so that was very exciting and we are so proud of our girls! I am so excited for this upcoming school year and all the new events that we get to have! I love Phi Mu so much and this sweet sisterhood !!!!

Isabella Indoniva

Alumni Chair

Hey y’all! My name is Isabella Indovina and I am our alumni chair! My job is to host alumnae and ritual events throughout the year. I am really looking forward to this upcoming school year and the events we will be able to have. Our alumnae play a huge role in our chapter and we are so thankful for them! I am so fortunate to be part of such an amazing sisterhood! LIOB!!

Megan Wallace

Sheet Sign Chair

Hey guys!! My name is Megan and I’m our Sheet Sign Chair!! I have one of the most fun jobs! I get to design and paint our sheet signs for events such as homecoming, bid day, and derby days. This position has given me the opportunity to connect with other sisters and give back to my sorority. I can’t wait for all sheet signs next semester will bring!!

Rhea Maladkar

T-Shirt Chair

Hey y'all!! My name's Rhea and I'm our T-Shirt Chair! My job is to design the cutest shirts for our chapter and distribute them to members. I'm so excited for the upcoming school year and all the events we will have. With events comes T-shirts! I'm so thankful for Phi Mu and all it has to offer. It's pushed me to become the best version of myself while also challenging me. I hope to make my senior year the best one yet!

Mia Sarafijanovic

Philanthropy Chair

View her message under "Letter from Philanthropy Chair"!

Claire Boone

Tailgate Chair

Hey y’all! My name is Claire Boone and I’m our tailgate chair.  I’m in charge of planning all our tailgates. Tailgates are such a fun part of gamedays so I am so excited to make them special! South Alabama football is so much fun to watch and getting to do it with your sisters is even better. Phi Mu has been such a blessing to me. I’ve met some of the best people through this sisterhood and I couldn’t be more thankful for them. I can’t wait to have all the tailgates this year!

Laikyn Mosely

Sisterhood Chair

View under "Sisterhood"

Andrea Vavrinek

Ritual Chair

Hi everyone, my name is Andrea and I am the ritual chair this year! My job is to plan ritual events and uphold Phi Mu traditions. I'm so excited for the upcoming school year, and finally having more events in person! I'm so thankful for all Phi Mu has offered in the past pandemic-filled year, and it makes me excited to see all the things that'll happen this upcoming one. Seeing what Phi Mu has taught me through tough times makes me so grateful for the sisterhood, and I cannot wait to see how it will continue to help me grow through the next three years!

Meagan Jones

Housing Chair and Resident Assistant (RA)

Hey y’all! My name is Meagan, and I double as both Housing Chair and as the Resident Assistant for the Phi Mu house! I love being able to live with my sisters, and as the RA, I get to help plan fun events for all the members of the house to enjoy! Phi Mu has given me the amazing opportunity to find a whole house full of family and friends. I can’t wait to see everyone’s face at the house this year, and meet some new faces from PC’21!

Anna Girardeau

Bylaws Chair

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